XTERRA Grabouw Prize Money 2015

The Totalsports XTERRA Grabouw presented by Rehidrat Sportis happy to announce that the prize money for 2015 will increase by R80 000,00!

2015 Totalsports Xterra Prize Money
Male & Female
1st R40 000,00
2nd R25 000,00
3rd R15 000,00
4th R10 000,00
5th R8 000,00
6th R6 000,00
7th R5 000,00
8th R4 000,00
9th R3 000,00
10th R2 000,00
11th R1 000,00
12th R900,00
13th R800,00
14th R700,00
15th R600,00
16th R500,00
17th R500,00
18th R500,00
19th R500,00
20th R500,00


XTG 2015 Prize Money

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