A word form DAN HUGO about the upcoming XTERRA Pezula

NEWSPORT MEDIA has a chat to DAN HUGO about his upcoming race at XTERRA Pezula!

1. After having to sit out at the 2013 event, how does it feel knowing that you’ll be on the start line at the 2014 Totalsports XTERRA PEZULA?
Last year was terribly disappointing to be eager to race mentally, but unable physically. I’ve had a great season this year, am doing my best to stay injury free. I hope that holds for the Totalsports Xterra Pezula, as it is meaningful for me to be a part of Xterra in South Africa. I am proud to be there as a citizen of Xterra South Africa, so too as a brand ambassador for Totalsports, Puma with their first event, Rehidrat and Specialized – all partners of mine and Xterra South Africa.

2. What do you enjoy most at this event?
To be honest, it’s the week in Knysna. And that is my philosophy to the sport of Xterra. Its more than just 2hours of racing, it’s the drive up, staying with friends and family, pre-riding, coffee shops. And the Pick ‘n Pay Knysna Oyster festival brings out the best of all that, including a wine show!

3. What are you hoping to achieve?
What I hope for is a fun, muddy, warm fire sort of shared sports experience. If I were to finish in less time than any other, well I’d enjoy that too.

4. Why would you recommend this specific XTERRA to newcomers to the sport?
Why would I!? Why not. Turn that question! Why not. An excuse to leave work, make a long weekend of it, car pool to Knysna and get muddy in the forest. Why not. Come and “live more”.

Good Luck Dan!

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