The “Trail Run Virgin” Diaries / 4 ~ by Jan Ham

October has come and gone, and finally we have gotten into the swing of things. The road to the ProNutro AfricanX Trailrun 2015 has become slightly less bumpy as our adventure has picked up some intensity. Injury free, a new found passion and training regime has seen a huge improvement in not only our fitness, but also our zest for life!

My month kicked off with a short 10 day school holiday, which allowed for some quality training runs, and after returning to the Root 44 Parkrun, I got the 5km monkey off my back. I did manage a relatively quick return to distance training, including running the Boesmanskloof Trail between Greyton & McGregor, during a weekend away, and then finishing off with a pretty successful Dryland Traverse multi stage trail race in the Klein Karoo with my “old” AfricanX partner Cole Stanton. So to sum up the last 30 days I had, I’m pretty happy with my level of fitness at the moment. The only thing I’m sad about is that I had to shave my #trailbeard after Dryland. Was getting quite fond of the gingerness on my cheeks as I believed it gave me some AJ Calitz powers!

On Karien’s side, I cannot describe how proud I am of her for what she has achieved in the last month. What started off as a “walk 1 minute, run 1 minute” routine on the treadmill in gym, has now moved onto a “walk 1 minute, run 10 minutes” routine. She even hits the gym before I have to leave for work in the mornings, while still having the energy to cope with our at times pretty hectic schedules and making sure everything runs smoothly at home!

Our aim at the end of November is to do her first 5km run, and then we’ll up our trail time come December. With 4 months to go, I’m still pretty happy with our progress, even after a very slow start! Our adventure to AfricanX ’15 is now not just a dream anymore!

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