The “Trail Run Virgin” Diaries / 3 ~ by Jan Ham

September not only means spring has sprung, but usually an elevation in training intensity or just regularity to get that perfect beach body or race ready? In our case, it meant snotty noses, more snotty noses, a couple of injuries, and you guessed it, more snotty noses. Just one of life’s curveballs you have to face with any changing of the seasons, especially if you’re prone to hay-fever or have toddlers. Not ideal health conditions if you’re training for the ProNutro AfricanX Trailrun presented by New Balance.

To make my training even more interesting, I decided to behave like a toddler and play some touch rugby with the kids at school. One David Campese like goosestep later and I had pulled my hamstring, which made the 5km night hike with the kids that evening even more fun!

Karien on the other hand had her own spate of bad luck as a recurring shin injury halted all progress made thus far. Couple of physio sessions later and we could start building up from scratch again. I must applaud the fact that even in that time, she still tried to do non weight-bearing cardio training in the gym, and I decided to rejoin the gym so that I can train with her, and help her stay motivated!


 On days we couldn’t squeeze in a session, some home based training had to do. Nothing like some leg presses with Janke to strengthen the injured hamstring!

One or two walks with the dogs did help to wear in her new trail shoes, and gave the dogs a much needed outlet for what seems never ending energy levels!



Recovery position after a walk with mom and dad!

So, September was basically a write off for me, with probably less than 20km on the clock.  Two of  those km’s was during an attempted Root44 Parkrun with Nini’s boss, Will! I tried an easy 2.5km the Friday afternoon that worked out fine, and thinking an easy 5km should be good for both the hammie and my sanity. But the running gods had other ideas as my competitive nature kicked in when the gun sounded & adrenaline rushed through my veins with the left over brandy from the previous night. 2km in I pulled my hamstring again, and decided to rather stop than try to walk/run/crawl the remaining 3km. I will however claim, as Will’s unofficial trail coach, that the fast start did help him to run a PB at Parkrun, so it wasn’t all a waist. My trail CV now includes having run and finished 1 x Otter, 2 x HBTC, 3 x SOX, 4 x AfricanX and 1 Parkrun DNF!

Physically we might have been in the slumps a bit, but mentally we’re still sharp on our road to the 2015 ProNutro AfricanX Trailrun!






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