The “Trail Run Virgin” Diaries / 2 ~ by Jan Ham

The first thirty days of our ‘epic’ journey to the 2015 ProNutro AfricanX Trailrun presented by New Balance has not gone quite according to plan. With just over 6 months to the start of the AfricanX we could hardly afford a slip up, but a combination of a hectic social life (we both had our birthdays, only 1 of us celebrated turning older), my racing calendar and the changing of the season sniffles has really halted any progress made thus far.

After Nini’s eventful birthday bash weekend at the end of July we were good to go and make August a training month to remember. It will however be remembered more for countless trips to the pharmacy and doctor. I got through running the 3 day afbSOX relatively well, considering I contracted flu during the event and have been plagued by it ever since. They refer to it as man flu; it felt more like some tropical disease!

Now anybody with toddlers at home know that no matter what you do, if one of them pick up the flu or even a cold, you’ll be down and out like you’ve been hit by a train within days. To sum up our training month in short, the only things that have been running a lot this month was our noses!

Nini did manage a few light cardio gym sessions in between sick bed, work, taking the kids to swimming lessons and retail therapy to keep a decent level of fitness going. With all the bugs and flu doing the round we have stocked up considerably on vitamins etc. I do reckon those Vitamin B12 shots I get from my mother in-law takes longer and hurts more every time. She might be a registered nurse, but she’s still my mother in-law!

We did manage some gear and nutrition testing even though it was in the gym, so not all was lost! Hopefully with Spring and more sunshine in the air, so will the effort to get out and train become lighter too!

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