The “Trail Run Virgin” Diaries / 1 ~ by Jan Ham

I’ve been married for just over 6 years, but the next 6 months will probably see us having to face the biggest challenge in our relationship thus far. You see, I’ve entered us (my wife and myself) into the 2015 edition of the ProNutro AfricanX Trailrun presented by New Balance. That is, without her knowledge!

The first step to toeing the line, come March next year, was to tell her.


  • romantic evening ~ check
  • baby sitter ~ check
  • make sure that medical aid is in order ~ check

“Nini, I’ve got good and bad news.  Band news is that I’m running the AfricanX again next year, the good news is you’re running it with me this time!”

Silence…..angry look…..slap to face…. or that’s how it played out in my head, but to my surprise she was actually enthusiastic about the idea.

After an amazing birthday bash weekend in which Nini turned 30, we now find ourselves at Day 1 of our ProNutro AfricanX Trailrun training programme.  Over the last 2 years I’ve written a few “Almost Complete Rookies Guide to Multi-Stage Running” that consisted of some tips and helpful information (or so I hope). Now it’s time to put my own theories to the test by implementing them on my wife. With 2 toddlers at home, my own training, a few more races planned for this year and now  finding time to do runs with Nini will make for interesting time management.

Over the next few months I will keep readers updated on our training progress, ups and downs, divorce talks (hopefully not 😉 with one goal in mind, getting a trail run virgin to the start of the ProNutro AfricanX Trailrun presented by New Balance in 2015!


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