Soza, Reynecke crowned 2023 Fedhealth Platinum Trail Run Champions

Charles Soza (Woodlands, Pretoria East) and Roné Reynecke (Rustenburg) showed their competitors a clean pair of heels at the iconic Fedhealth Platinum Trail Run that took place at the ATKV Buffelspoort on Sunday 04 June 2023. Soza claimed victory in the Long Route (+-24km) in a deserving time of 01 hour 27 minutes 48 seconds, while Reynecke took no prisoners with her impressive time of 01 hour 43 minutes 54 seconds.

Celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2023, the Fedhealth Platinum Trail Run catered for the entire family and featured four fantastic events to choose from: a Long Route (+-24km), Short Route (+-12km), Fun Run (+-8km) and a Kids Event (2.5km). 


Set in the beautiful Buffelspoort Valley, few trail running events in and around Gauteng offer the spectacular variety of trails that entrants got to experience when taking on the Fedhealth Platinum Trail Run Long Route (+-24km). Featuring a 526m ascent, this route included gravel roads, jeep track, bushveld single track and soft sand at some sections. 

“The race was tough,” admitted Soza. “I studied the course yesterday (Saturday). I’m not good at climbing, so I made sure that I opened a gap on the downhills. When we climbed the hill, the other runners caught me, and we climbed the hill together. On the downhill I needed to open the gap again. When a cyclist told me that it was the end of the hill, I decided to go all out. The course is very tough. Two years ago, I entered the event with a club, but I didn’t have transport so I couldn’t take part that year. Last year I was invited to compete, but again I couldn’t make it. So, this year when I received the invite again, I decided to give it a try, although I’m a road runner, not a trail runner. I enjoyed the climate, and I enjoyed the view when I was at the top of the climb. I am so happy to be crowned the winner. I couldn’t believe it because Collin and Retsepile were a real challenge for me. They are trail runners and knew that I am a road runner, so we challenged each other. I am very happy that I managed to pull through. I would definitely recommend the event to my friends. It’s a good race and good preparation for the marathon.” Retsepile Khotle came in second, while Collin Kanyimo finished third.

“I must say the toughest part is from the 9km mark where you climb the mountain there at the back,” says Reynecke. “I almost considered walking, but I managed to push through. The downhill was also tough because the terrain is rough, but I really enjoyed the race with its scenic route.  The Fedhealth Platinum Trail Run is a preparation run for me as I am competing in another big trail run in the Eastern Cape. I enjoyed the scenery the most. Technically I’m a road runner, so it’s always beautiful to run the trails. It’s a privilege to be crowned the champion and it’s a privilege to be able to compete and to be healthy. I’d recommend this event to friends and family. The 8km run is fun for the family, while the 12km isn’t so tough. Everyone along the route seems to be having a lot of fun, so I’d recommend this event to other people.” Natalie Sterk came in second, while Franci Myburgh finished third.


The Fedhealth Platinum Trail Run Short Route (+-12km) featured a 218m ascent and was designed for the adventurous runner who loves to be outdoors, running in a beautiful natural environment. The route included a few technical, but safe sections and was ideal for runners that are new to the sport of trail running. 

Kennedy Sekhuthe finished first in the men’s race in a time of 55 minutes 19 seconds, followed by Riaan Ludick in second place and Boiketlo Makhundu in third place. 

Tanja Viljoen finished first in the women’s race in a time of 01 hour 11 minutes 51 seconds, followed by Luandri Le Roux in second place and Franza Landman in third place.


Featuring a mild 143m ascent, the Fedhealth Platinum Trail Run Fun Run (+-8km) was the perfect event for younger runners. The route was designed to ensure that entrants (young and old) enjoyed a wonderful trail run in Buffelspoort. It was also perfect for the family to run and/or walk together. 

AJ Reyneke finished first in the men’s race in a time of 40 minutes 19 seconds, followed by Modiwa Nyatsine in second place and Lean Scholtz in third place.

Lana Harmse finished first in the women’s race a time of 01 hour 03 seconds, followed by Comine Bruwer in second place and Megan Vogel in third place.


“We look back on yet another successful Fedhealth Platinum Trail Run that took place at the ATKV Buffelspoort, North West today (Sunday 04 June). Thank you to all the trail runners who joined us out there on the trails – it was great seeing young and old in action and enjoying some quality time together in the fresh air. We hope to see you and your loved ones back at this event next year,” says Jeremy Yatt, Fedhealth Principal Officer.


CHARITY SUPPORT: The Fedhealth Platinum Trail Run proudly supports the The Kindness Collaboration. Founded by Fedhealth and Operation Healing Hands (OHH), The Kindness Collaboration offers much needed support to South Africans who cannot afford quality medical care. All medical professionals associated with OHH provide their time and skills for free; the funds raised go towards expenses such as consumables and random medical expenses. When entering the event online, trail runners could donate towards the cause. 


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