Run Your City Series 2021 event calendar updated!

The organizers of the Run Your City Series have confirmed that the Joburg 10K CITYRUN will take the form of a Virtual Race on Friday 24 September 2021, while the Durban 10K CITYRUN and Cape Town 12K CITYRUN are still scheduled to take place as actual events on Sunday 31 October 2021 and Sunday 21 November 2021 respectively!

“Staging a world class event requires months of planning and preparations,” says Michael Meyer, Managing Director of Stillwater Sports and Founder of the Run Your City Series.  “The current state of the pandemic and uncertainties surrounded by new waves of virus mutations, negatively impacts the planning process and ultimately jeopardizes the quality of the event.  Taking the size of the Joburg 10K CITYRUN into consideration, one of the main requirements would be to stagger the start of the race.  Although it sounds simple enough, it would have a knock-on effect.  Not only would runners be standing around for hours waiting for their start, but an event that usually lasts a maximum of 3 hours (from start to finish) would easily drag on for 6 hours if not longer.  Keep in mind that the city would have to shut down for this duration.  Closing the city for so long would be unfair both towards runners and residents.”

“Instead of cancelling the Joburg 10K CITYRUN, which is the first event on the existing Run Your City Series calendar for 2021, we are excited to offer runners a fun alternative by going virtual and letting the Heritage Day Celebration continue,” confirms Meyer.  “As it is a virtual race, participants from all over South Africa will be able to unite (virtually) in a spirit of camaraderie, pride and celebration.  The entry fee will include an official performance event t-shirt, a participation medal, a race number and access to the Event App, to mention just a few offerings.  We are excited that South Africans can celebrate National Heritage Day with thousands of runners nationwide.”

Meyer adds, “Until further notice we will continue with our plans to host the Durban 10K CITYRUN and Cape Town 12K CITYRUN as actual events on Sunday 31 October 2021 and Sunday 21 November 2021 respectively.”



Event: Status: Date:
1.       Joburg 10K CITYRUN Virtual Friday 24 September 2021
2.       Durban 10K CITYRUN Actual Sunday 31 October 2021
3.       Cape Town 12K CITYRUN Actual Sunday 21 November 2021


PLEASE NOTE: The event organizers will at all times adhere to Government Regulations regarding COVID-19.  All runners must protect their health and safety and that of others by social distancing while running. Runners are encouraged to stay up to date on the latest news and guidelines from their local and national authorities.

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