Martin Vos heads to the Monster

A friend of Stillwater MTB, Martin Vos has recently encountered a traumatic family experience, which led him doubtful about training for the monster.

After much consideration, Martin has decided that if his little girl Marnel can get through what she has, then he can once again conquer the monster.

His first blog and training post follows, if you see Martin on the track give hims squeeze from us and join him on his training ride.

On the 24 May 2014 I did my second Magalies Monster 40 km a race that Stillwater sports does the management off. The race and the way the race is organised keeps me going back to do the race again. I promised myself that I would be back to compete again in 2015.

On 9 Feb 2015 we got the some of the worst news a parents could ever get. That my youngest daughter Marnel (3) has a brain tumour. Too make a long story short the tumour was removed and it was found to be a cancerous tumour and my daughter had to start with chemo treatment and undergo radiation treatment ASAP.

As parents there is simply no way one can be prepared for news like this and any plans you had where gone.  Marnel went for her first chemo 23 Feb 2015 it is very difficult for any parent to see your child going through something like this. Marnel is planned for her next chemo session on 25 Mar 2015. Marnel is doing well and we are fortunate that there are many positives that count in Marnel’s favour but this does not make it any easier. After first chemo Marnel started losing her hair and we had to shave it off.

Ronel Vos_542157

It was one of the most difficult things to get my mind back on track to get focused and back in training and start back on the bike. I have now started back on the bike and training has now started in earnest to get in shape and in form to participate in the 2015 Magalies Monster. One of the training rides we went on was to Breedsnek where the Magalies Monster king of the mountains is crowned every year. This is a very good training ride as it gives you good climbing and with the recent rains that was in the area the decent down from the top of Breedsnek is very technical and the best advise is hold on, shut up, look ahead, keep the bike upright and keep pedalling.



The company I work for Dynamic Instruments has been very supportive throughout this trying time and the support that I got from the management at Dynamic Instruments is unnavigable. I just want to thank Gregory Roberts for the support Dynamic Instruments has given me and keeps giving me and my family through these difficult times.

I will be doing regular Blog updates too my road in preparation for the 2015 Magalies Monster

Thank you

Martin Vos


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