Fedhealth Platinum Trail Run set to treat trail runners to an on-route experience like no other!

The 2022 Fedhealth Platinum Trail Run that will return to the ATKV Buffelspoort (North-West Province) on Sunday 05 June will treat trail runners of all ages to an on-route experience like no other.

Consisting of a Long (+-24km), Short (+-12km), Fun (+-8km) and a Kids Event (2.5km), the Fedhealth Platinum Trail Run caters for the entire family.

“The Fedhealth Platinum Trail Run Long Route (+-24km) boasts a 526m ascent. Set in the beautiful Buffelspoort Valley, not many trail running events in and around Gauteng offer such a spectacular variety of trails that include unspoiled bushveld,” says Michael Meyer, Managing Director of Stillwater Sports. “While the terrain includes gravel roads, jeep track, bushveld single track and soft sand at some sections, runners will also have to navigate one or two technical gully sections. The 24km route is designed for the top trail runners in the sport to race against each other on a moderate distance trail. Featuring a good mixture between technical sections and fast runnable jeep track, this route is also ideal for fit and well-conditioned road runners that would like to give trail running a go. The route is not recommended for athletes that are new to running and have not yet done a half marathon on the road.”

“The Fedhealth Platinum Trail Run Short Route (+-12km) will feature a 218m ascent,” continues Meyer. “This route is designed for the adventurous runner who loves to be outdoors, running in a beautiful natural environment. At times the route will be technical, but safe especially if you don’t rush things down the gully. If you can run 10km on the road, you will have a blast on this route. It is also perfect for runners that are new to the sport of trail running or the sport of running in general. Our advice is to take it slowly through the gully.”

“The Fedhealth Platinum Trail Run Fun Run (+-8km) features a mild 143m ascent, making it perfect for younger runners and the family as a whole,” confirms Meyer. “This route is designed to encourage young and old to enjoy a wonderful trail run in Buffelspoort. It’s perfect for the family to run together or for newcomers to the sport of trail running. Even if you walk the entire way you will still enjoy it.”


EVENT INFORMATIONFedhealth Platinum Trail Run

Date: Sunday 05 June 2022
Venue (start & finish): ATKV Buffelspoort
Distances & Entry Fee: Long / +-24km / R375.00
Short / +-12km / R275.00
Fun / +-8km / R175.00
Kids / 2.5km / R100.00
ENTRIES CLOSE: Wednesday 01 June 2022


The entry fee includes:

  • an official event technical t-shirt to the first 1000 trail runners to enter (and pay)
  • medals will be awarded to all finishers
  • drawstring bag
  • Sponsor gifts compliments of Fedhealth, THIRSTI and more.


Race Pack Collection: Fedhealth Platinum Trail Run 

Venue: ATKV Buffelspoort

Dates and Times:

  • Friday 03 June 2022: 14h00 – 19h00
  • Saturday 04 June 2022: 08h30 – 12h30
  • Sunday 05 June 2022: 06h00 – 08h30


PLEASE NOTE:  The event organisers will “at all times” adhere to Government Regulations regarding COVID-19.


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For more information and/or to enter the Fedhealth Platinum Trail Run visit www.stillwatersports.com or email entries@stillwatersports.com.

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