Fedhealth IMPI Challenge welcomes SPCA Rustenburg as a charity

When entering online for the Fedhealth IMPI Challenge #3 that will take place at the bustling Van Gaalens Kaasmakerij (North West Province) on Saturday, 06 October 2018, adventure seekers can also support the SPCA Rustenburg.

Welcomed as an official charity of the Fedhealth IMPI Challenge, the SPCA Rustenburg was founded in 1936 by a concerned community member who wanted to make a difference in the welfare of all animals.  

“We inspect facilities that keep animals: pet shops, sale yards, security companies, abattoirs etc. to ensure that the animals receive the proper care,” says Monique Swart, SPCA Rustenburg Deputy Chairperson.  “We take action where standards are not met. We also run the municipal pound for stray, domestic and farmed animals. It is our mission to reunite lost animals with their owners. Our SPCA inspectors work in underprivileged areas, educating owners about animal care, and enforcing the Animals Protection act 71 of 1962. One of our biggest challenges is to motivate dog and cat owners to sterilise their pets.”

“It means a great deal to be a charity of the Fedhealth IMPI Challenge,” continues Swart.  “The event will grant us the perfect opportunity to interact with the public.  We need every single bit of support that we can get. We work for the animals.  This will be the first time that we will be involved directly with an event.  I love that the IMPI Challenge challenges people.  Funds raised will go towards our biggest need, which is purchasing dog and cat food.   After that we’d like to sponsor sterilisations through Tales of Tails that visit Rustenburg once a month to do low cost pet sterilisations.  We are really looking forward to experiencing the Fedhealth IMPI Challenge vibe and meeting new people.”

For further information or to support the SPCA Rustenburg visit www.spcartb.org.za or like the Facebook page


EVENT INFORMATIONFedhealth IMPI Challenge #3 (North West Province)

A trail run with a twist, the Fedhealth IMPI Challenge encourages family involvement, healthy living and getting outdoors.  Entrants can expect an adrenaline pumping experience that will test fitness levels, challenge fears, but most importantly celebrate accomplishments.  

Date: IMPI Challenge: Venues:
Saturday, 06 October 2018 Fedhealth IMPI Challenge #3 Van Gaalens  Kaasmakerij (North West Province)

Categories to choose from when entering the Fedhealth IMPI Challenge:

Categories: Entry Fee:
1.       IMPI Corporate: the 10km Challenge distance with extra benefits (age 16+ years) R500.00
2.       IMPI Challenge:  10 – 12km with 18 obstacles (age 16+ years) R400.00
3.       IMPI Dash:  5km with 11 obstacles (ages 10+, all adults welcome) R300.00
4.       IMPI Mini:  1km with 8 smaller supervised obstacles (ages 6 – 10 years) R100.00

TEAM BUILDING MADE FUN:  Although the IMPI Challenge can be entered individually or as part of a team, to ensure that the most fun is had on the day, teamwork is encouraged!  The Fedhealth IMPI Challenge is the ideal team building exercise!

Each finisher (individual and/or team) will receive an official Fedhealth IMPI Challenge finisher photograph.

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