Fedhealth IMPI Challenge celebrates 10 years of OCR fun

Seen here:  The Fedhealth IMPI Challenge’s Cargo Nets require a little strength and a lot of concentration. 

Photo Credit:  Chris Hitchcock

In celebration of its 10th anniversary the Fedhealth IMPI Challenge #4 will boast 20 exciting obstacles (natural and manmade) at the picturesque Wiesenhof Wildlife Park (Stellenbosch) on Saturday, 17 November 2018.

“The Wiesenhof Wildlife Park is a private reserve.  Its natural beauty and setting makes it the ideal host venue of the Fedhealth IMPI Challenge,” says Pieter du Plessis, Fedhealth IMPI Challenge Race Director.  “We are proud to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Fedhealth IMPI Challenge at this magnificent venue.  Entrants can look forward to taking on +-20 obstacles (both natural and manmade).  Overcoming an obstacle begins in one’s mind.  A positive approach goes a long way, but asking a friend for assistance is also allowed, except if you’ve entered the Elite Race.  Elite athletes need to complete all the obstacles without any assistance.”

“The Fedhealth IMPI Challenge is, however, best enjoyed with family and friends,” continues du Plessis.  “Entering as a member of a corporate team is also a lot of fun.  You’ll get to know your colleagues better in an exciting setting where team work is encouraged.   Out of the 20 obstacles, approximately 15 will be manmade, with 5 being natural.  Entrants usually compliment us on the overall experience, but when asked about specific obstacles they always refer to the Rawson Wall, Leap Of Faith and Cargo Net Crossing as being the most daunting.  A little training will definitely add to the experience.  My advice is to get out onto the trails, focus on core strength training and strengthen your ankles.  The single tracks can be taxing on the lower joints.”

No stranger to the event, Dominique D’Oliveira has claimed gold at the Fedhealth IMPI Challenge multiple times.  “I love the Rawson Wall,” says D’Oliveira.  “It’s a signature IMPI Challenge obstacle that requires a combination of strength and skill, or a bit of teamwork.  My advice is to work on the explosive power in your legs to help you jump high enough to reach the top of the wall. Strengthen your upper body and core in order to be able to hoist yourself to the top. If you have access to a wall, practice different techniques based on your skill level until you get it right. There are a few ways to conquer the wall, find what works best for you and go for it!”

EVENT INFORMATIONFedhealth IMPI Challenge #4

A trail run with a twist, the Fedhealth IMPI Challenge is known for its beautiful trails and challenging (but fun) obstacles (natural and manmade).  Focussing on family involvement, healthy living and getting outdoors, IMPI Challenge Warriors can look forward to exciting obstacles and amazing sponsor activations.  

Date: Event: Venue:
Saturday, 17 November 2018 Fedhealth IMPI Challenge #4 Wiesenhof Wildlife Park, Stellenbosch (Cape Town)

There are five categories to choose from when entering the Fedhealth IMPI Challenge:

Categories: Entry Fee:
1.       IMPI Elite:  18-20km with 26 tough obstacles (age 18+ years) R550.00
2.       IMPI Corporate: the 10km Challenge distance with extra benefits (age 16+ years) R500.00
3.       IMPI Challenge:  10 – 12km with 18 – 20 obstacles (age 16+ years) R400.00
4.       IMPI Dash:  5km with 11 obstacles (ages 10+, all adults welcome) R300.00
5.       IMPI Mini:  1km with 8 smaller supervised obstacles (ages 6 – 10 years) R100.00

CLICK HERE to watch the Fedhealth IMPI Challenge’s 10th anniversary Birthday Video.

CHARITY SUPPORT:  When entering online Fedhealth IMPI Challenge Warriors can choose to either support one or all five event charities:  CANSA Active, Prochorus Community Development Centre, the Woodside Special Care Centre, Cape of Good Hope SPCA and/or NSRI.

BEST DRESSED COMPETITION:  Entrants are encouraged to let creativity reign in the best dressed competition!  Competition winners will take home awesome prizes compliments of event sponsors.

Each finisher (individual and/or team) will receive an official Fedhealth IMPI Challenge finisher photograph.

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