Du Toit, Strydom conquer the 2022 Fedhealth Magalies Monster MTB Classic in style!

Potchefstroom riders Pieter du Toit and Daniella Strydom proved that they have what it takes to #ConquerTheMonster at the 2022 Fedhealth Magalies Monster MTB Classic that was hosted at the ATKV Buffelspoort on Saturday 04 June 2022 when they crossed the finish line first in impressive times of 02 hours 49 minutes 15 seconds and 03 hours 33 minutes 32 seconds respectively.

According to Du Toit, it was a tough race. “It was a cold morning. Approximately 7km in we hit a water crossing, from there we had wet shoes and cold feet, but that’s part of the game and fun,” laughs Du Toit. “Then the iconic Monster Climb. Marc (Pritzen) had a gap on me so he took KOM (King of the Mountain), but I knew that if I could descend the downhill well, I could catch up to him. Unfortunately, Marc broke a shoe or something on the downhill so from there it was a solo race for me. The Fedhealth Magalies Monster is the toughest race here and every year I like to say that I ‘Conquered The Monster’. I enjoyed the downhill and the scenery the most. It’s always nice to ride through the farms and just enjoy the views. It means a lot to be crowned the winner today. Last year I finished second behind Philip (Buys). I would recommend this event to family and friends, but I would also recommend that they train a bit first before taking on The Monster.”

Shaun-Nick Bester came in second, while Jan Montshioa finished third in the Fedhealth Magalies Monster MTB Classic Marathon. 

“It was a chilly start to the morning, but it warmed up pretty quickly,” says Strydom. “I didn’t see any serious competition coming into today’s race. There were a few strong girls, but not my usual competitors so I knew I would be racing against myself, which is challenging in a different way. I really enjoyed the route. It’s very tough and rocky, but that’s what the event is notorious for. It is the Magalies Monster after all. I took it in my stride, paced myself and pushed myself. I really enjoyed the technical bits and appreciated the single track that they added this year, but the best part was winning. Everyone races to win so it’s always the goal, but it’s a different kind of rewarding feeling achieving it. It’s a moral boost.”

Rozaan Bekker came in second, while Estie Bekker finished third in the Fedhealth Magalies Monster MTB Classic Marathon.


Clintin Cogzell (Pretoria) and Yvonne Prinsloo (Hartbeespoort) were the riders to beat in the Fedhealth Magalies Monster MTB Classic Half Marathon. Cogzell crossed the finish line first in 01 hour 25 minutes 01 second, and Prinsloo in 01 hour 44 minutes 43 seconds.

“We started off close to the Buffelspoort Dam which was quite beautiful,” says Cogzell. “Two of us broke away within the first 6km and managed to stay together up until the mini ‘Monster Climb’ which was super steep, before a gnarly downhill, with a lot of loose rocks. If you had a hardtail, you really would struggle. I enjoyed the downhill, while the water crossings were really refreshing. I really enjoyed the route; the marking was fantastic, and the technical parts were just technical enough to be enjoyable. The event was very well organised, there were sufficient water points, the people were friendly and there were enough marshals on route. The finish line and the hospitality area are also winners at the end of the race so you can just chill and enjoy the atmosphere. This is the first time that I take part in the Fedhealth Magalies Monster MTB Classic, so I’m just thankful to come out on top.”

Bertie Anderson came in second, while Allan Britnell finished third.

According to Prinsloo, the Event Organisers put in a lot of effort to ensure that the route is easier and safer for the recreational rider, the weekend warrior. “The route was well manicured for me,” says Prinsloo. “There were still the rough spots for the racing snakes, but it was nice to see that they changed it slightly so that the weekend warrior can also do it. I won last year, so I had to come back to do it again this year. I’ve been taking part for the past ten years. I actually took part in the very first Magalies Monster. Because the event is local, we always come out.  I enjoyed that a lot of maintenance was done on the track, the marshals were great and there were no issues with markings. It’s a good feeling to win today because I have to work hard, I’m not a youngster anymore.”

Karla Grobler came in second, while Chanette Haasbroek finished third.


Tiaan Nel and Alicia Steenkamp were the Fedhealth Magalies Monster MTB Classic Fun Ride riders to beat on the day. Nel crossed the finish line first in 50 minutes 13 seconds, and Steenkamp in 57 minutes 28 seconds. Christopher Priem came in second and Dirk Steenkamp finished third in the Men’s Race, while Ilze Grobler came in second in the Women’s Race, with Vanessa Beumer finishing third.


“On behalf of Fedhealth Medical Scheme, I’d like to thank each and every rider, young and not-so-young, who joined us at the Fedhealth Magalies Monster MTB Classic today. It was really encouraging to see so many people out there exercising and having a good time out in the fresh air. We hope you achieved your goals for the race and that you’ll be back for more next year. Keep it up!” said Jeremy Yatt, Fedhealth Principal Officer.


EVENT INFORMATION2022 Fedhealth Magalies Monster MTB Classic

Date: Saturday 04 June 2022
Venue: ATKV Buffelspoort
Distances: Full Marathon / +-65km
Half Marathon / +-35km
Fun Ride / +-16km
Kids / 2.5km


The entry fee included:

  • an official event technical t-shirt to the first 2000 mountain bikers to enter (and pay)
  • medals were awarded to all finishers
  • a drawstring bag
  • Sponsor gifts compliments of Fedhealth, THIRSTI, First Ascent, Bavaria and more.


PLEASE NOTE:  The event organisers “at all times” adhered to Government Regulations regarding COVID-19.


NEXT UP: Fedhealth Platinum Trail Run

Date: Sunday 05 June 2022
Venue (start & finish): ATKV Buffelspoort
Distances & Entry Fee: Long / +-24km / R375.00
Short / +-12km / R275.00
Fun / +-8km / R175.00
Kids / 2.5km / R100.00


The entry fee includes:

  • an official event technical t-shirt to the first 1000 trail runners to enter (and pay)
  • medals will be awarded to all finishers
  • drawstring bag
  • Sponsor gifts compliments of Fedhealth, THIRSTI, Bavaria and more.


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