Fedhealth MTB Challenge




The Fedhealth MTB Challenge will take place in September, at the picturesque Boschendal Farm (The Retreat), between Stellenbosch and Franschhoek.

Over the course of two days, riders of all ages will have the opportunity to experience some sweet riding over the superb, flowing trails of this scenic wine farm and the beautiful Banhoek conservancy.

In addition, the occasion includes an array of activities to ensure a great family-style ‘breakaway from the everyday’. Boschendal is famous for their picnics (Make sure you book yours n advance), quality wines and wine tasting, massage zones, rider goodie-bags and giveaways for entrants, plus loads of lucky draws and prizes to be doled out on the day.

With all of this happening under sunny South African skies and amidst an unbeatable atmosphere, the Fedhealth MTB Challenge promises to once again be an affair to remember!





Initiatives taken by Fedhealth Mountain Bike Challenge to ensure we do not make use of Municipal drinking water from the city grid:
With the severe drought in the Western Cape and strict water restrictions in place we as an event endeavours to stick to the quantity of water allowed per individual per day.
At the Fedhealth Mountain Bike Challenge we aim to be water wise and limit the use and wastage of water at the event and have put the following in place.
Each entrant will have to bring their own water bottles filled with water. No free running water will be available at the venue to fill up water bottles. A hydration pack is recommended for the mountain bike ride and trail run.
Ensure you have water available for yourself post the event. 500ml water will be on sale at the bar.
All refreshment points on route will be stocked with coke and water sourced from an alternative source and not taken from the municipal drinking water.
No showers will be available.
No bike wash will be available.
Being water wise includes:
The Fedhealth Mountain Bike Challenge is hosted outside of the city on privately owned land.
The limited water at the venue is sourced locally and off the municipal grid
All our suppliers/ sub-contractors will be briefed about our initiatives and will have to comply with our water policy and strictly adhere to not using municipal drinking water.
Fedhealth Mountain Bike Challenge makes use of Sale’s Hire as our service provider for portable toilets. All water used in the toilets is grey water and will be disposed of in a responsible manner by the service provider.
Waterless hand sanitisers will be used in the toilets instead of basins to wash hands.
We will educate both participants and spectators regarding our initiatives towards saving water.

Fedhealth members can enter for free – simply complete the normal payment process and enter your membership number in the ‘Voucher code’ field when checking out.

Every entry is loaded with extras!

  • All entrants in the either the 15km, 28km or 60km will receive a goodie bag.
  • Free massage after the event with the Fedhealth Muscle Menders in the Fedhealth Zone
  • Access to the Fedhealth Kids Zone with a jumping castle, movies, child minders and a Fedhealth Kids Zone water bottle
  • Food options, wine and live entertainment

If you’re a Fedhealth member, you also get:

  • Fedhealth VIP registration
  • Access to the Fedhealth VIP Zone for complimentary drinks and snacks


 Date:  14 & 15 September 2019
 Venue:  Boschendal Retreat, Western Cape
 Distances: +-15km Fun Race, +-28km (Half Marathon) & +-60km (Marathon)
 Start Times:
 +/-15km (Fun Race):  09h00
 +/-28km (Half Marathon):  08h30
 +/- 60km (Full Marathon):  08h00
 Pre-Entries Open:   TBC
 PreEntries Close:  TBC
Entry Fees:
+/-15km (Fun Race) – R150
+/-28km (Half Marathon) – R250
+/- 60km (Full Marathon) – R350
Date:  Saturday, 14 September 2019
 Venue:  Boschendal Retreat, Western Cape
 Distances:  +-500m, +-1,5km & +-5km
 Start Times:
 500m (0-5 years):  10h30
 1,5km (6-9 years) :  11h00
5km (10-13 years):
Pre-Entries Open:   TBC
PreEntries Close:  TBC
Kids Entry Fees- R100
The Fedhealth MTB Challenge is a Cycling SA sanctioned event for WP and Cape Winelands Colours.
Please note the following race rules thus applies:
There will be an A-batch starting group for the men and ladies per race distance; starting separately before the rest of the groups.
There will be a prize-giving for the overall winners and the prize-giving will include all the category winners too; male and female separately.
Please note the relevant races to enter as per the schedule below to qualify for colours:

The MTB Age Categories and Distances are as follows (2018):

Category Codes Year Born Boys/Men Code Girls/Women


Distances Race
Nipper Boys and Girls (8 -10) 2010 – 2008 NB NG 11 – 25km Half Marathon Short
Sprog Boys and Girls (11-12) 2007 – 2006 SB SG 11 – 25km Half Marathon Short
Sub Junior Boys and Girls (13-14) 2005 – 2004 SJB SJG 11 – 35km Half Marathon Short
Youth Boys and Girls (15-16) 2003 – 2002 YB YG 36 – 60km Half Marathon Long
Junior Men and Women (17-18) 2001 – 2000 JB JG 36 – 60km Half Marathon Long
Elite Men and Women(19+) 1999 – 1989 EM EW 61 – 80km Full Marathon
Sub Vet Men and Women (30-39) 1988 – 1979 SVM SVW 61 – 80km Full Marathon
Veteran Men and Women (40-49) 1978 – 1969 VM VW 61 – 80km Full Marathon
Master Men(50-59) 1968 – 1959 MM 61 – 80km Full Marathon
Master Women (50-59) 1968 – 1959 MW 26 – 60km Half Marathon Long
Grand Master Men and Women (60+) 1958 – < GMM GMW 36 – 60km Half Marathon Long



15km: 300m Elevation

28km: 800m Elevation

+/- 60km: 1 900m Elevation

The Fedhealth Mountain Bike Challenge will be hosted at Boschendal Retreat on the 16th of September 2018. The 3 distances on offer will make use of the best trails on offer at Boschendal Farm as well as the Banhoek conservancy (Including Skyfall). More details to follow.


Details to follow



FMC 17 30KM



FMC 17 60KM


Fedhealth MTB Challenge 15km Route

Fedhealth MTB Challenge 15km Route


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