Cell C Arabella MTB Challenge


 Date:  Saturday 1st -Sunday 2nd April 2017
 Venue:  Arabella Hotel & Spa, Kleinmond
 Distances:  +/-50km & 15km MTB, 10 Trail run
 Start Times:  PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR 2016 EVENT SCHEDULE & ensure that you are aware of your start time and start venue, as these vary! 2017 schedule will be loaded shortly.
 Pre-Entries Open:   To be confirmed
 Pre-Entries Close:  24 March 2017


2016 ROUTE INFORMATION (50km Stage Race):

2016 50km MTB:

2016 Stage 1 – 1441m Elevation: Arabella Hotel & Spa –> Wildekrans Wine Estate

This stage is known as the “Room with A View,” Stage….you will climb, but what goes up, certainly always comes down!

Riders will exit the hotel and turn right (this is a compulsory neutral start), then take a left and head up Highlands road (don’t blow your legs on the first climb or this will be a long 50kms for you).

Take a left into Kleinmond trails and then get your camera out as you prepare to climb toward Waterpoint 1 (10kms in), and what will be one of the most picture perfect views you will ever see on a mountain bike (so remember to stop and take a selfie and you can win a prize hamper from Hammer Nutrition).

Riders will head into the Hottentots Holland Mountain Catchment Area and then meet up again with the very top of the Highlands Road, travel around Iona and then head toward Waterpoint 2, which is at 28kms.

At +/- 42kms you will head through Barton Vineyards, as you start to discover the Danie and Braam (Wildekrans Wine Estate), trail building magic. Riders will then pop under the R43 through a purpose built (by the kind folks at Wildekrans), and cleared culvert at 47kms and head into Wildekrans Wine Estate, which will then take you home with +/- 3kms of singletrack and jeep track.

Your Stage 1 Waterpoints:

Waterpoint 1 @+/-10kms: Bananas, sweets, potatoes, water & coke. You will then get to

Waterpoint 2 @ +/-28kms: Bananas, sweets, potatoes, Bovril sandwiches, water, Coke, Iona Wine, Barton Wine, Wildekrans Wine and some Honingklip beer.


Route Profile Stage1 - 50km MTB


2016 Stage 2: +/- 820m Elevation: Wildekrans Wine Estate –> Arabella Hotel & Spa

This stage is known as the “Singeltrack For Dayssss,” stage and we decided to take some of the distance out because we wanted to give you guys more singletrack without silly climbing just to make up the distance needed to give you 50kms and we’re pretty sure that you will each thank us for this.

+/- 42kms – Of which first 17kms is singletrack and we strongly advise you not to blow your legs in the first 17kms (you will fly, but you’ll work a bit for it), and leave something in the tank for the balance of the ride home. There is one section within the first 10kms on Wildekrans Wine Estate, whereby we will offer you two route options “Technical or Non-Technical,” and unless you can ride A-frames and steep rocky switchback descents, then we advise you to take the non-technical option, it’s a couple of hundred metres the same way, but trying out your superman/ woman skills on an event day is never a great idea, so please help us to help you?

You will be greeted by the Wildekrans Family at Waterpoint 1, which is at 16.9kms and then you will head back under the R43, using the culvert and then cruise around through Barton Vineyards through some awesome new singletrack sections, around Steyns Quarry and then into Honingklip for more singletrack fun (you will climb a little to get there though), and then head down into Waterpoint 2 which will be at +/-28kms and just in time for a Honingklip beer tasting.

Once through Honingklip, you will make your way onto Highlands and then down some pretty fast jeep track, slow down as the main road approaches there will be a marshall and traffic police, but please be aware at all times), and then head home, down the left hand side of the finishline, grab a Hammer Nutrition product or a beer and head down to the pool for a light bite to eat and head home safely.

Your Stage 2 Waterpoints:

Waterpoint 1 @+/-16.9kms: Bananas, sweets, potatoes, water & coke. You will then get to

Waterpoint 2 @ +/-28kms: Bananas, sweets, potatoes, Bovril sandwiches, water, Coke, Barton Wine & Honingklip beer.



Stage1:Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 10.05.08 AM

Stage2:Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 4.26.07 PM


Cell C Arabella Trail Run Challenge:

2016 – 15KM Trail Run Profile:

DAY2 LongRun

2016 – 6KM Trail Run Profile:

DAY2TrailRun Short